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Starting from our concern over the utilization of so many wood waste in our area as well as to take part on the Green Products movement, Furniwell brings you our brand The Scraft. A unique line of products which carefully designed and hand crafted by our designers and origin carvers that we work with.

Indonesia is well known as a vast and rich country of natural resources especially the forest products. Massive usages of wood here make a huge amount of waste that can be utilized into many green products. Indonesia is also known by its large varieties of types of wood and colors and grains.

With our continuous up to date designs and the collaboration between carvers hand crafted skills and modern machines , we bring you our wooden tableware products, especially our gorgeous cutting boards that will blow you away and make you wouldn’t want to leave the kitchen and make great dishes for your family all the time.


The Wood
The types of wood that we use for our products are:

1.Teak (Tectona Grandis)
1st class wood with its well known durability, distinct brown color and strength.

2. Sono Wood (Dalbergia Pinata)
Another tropical top class wood with its beautiful grains , with purple, dark color.

3. Sungkai Wood (Peronema canescens)
One of the most commercially used wood in Indonesia with similar grains with teak but lighter nice yellowish color.

4. Mahogany (Swietenia mahagoni)
With its reddish color, this wood make great combination with other woods, mahogany also one of the most used wood in Indonesia beside teak. Best for indoor furniture.

5. Mindi wood (Melia Azedarach)
Beautiful grains with white-reddish color. Sometime we call it Javanese Oak because it is very much similar with oak wood grains.

6. Pine (Radiata Pine)
Everybody knows pine, but here we used only ex wooden crate pine wood , so it is very dry and very strong with gorgeous grains and texture.

7. Acacia (Acacia denticulosa)
Acacia plant originated from North America, this plant was introduced in Europe as a herb tree by Hendri IV who was a herbalist in the year 1601. Akasiaya plant is not monophyletic with the genus is divided into 5 subgenus including Vachellia, Acacia, Acaciella, Senegalia, and Mariosousa.

With brown colors and scattered grains, this also an interesting combinations with other woods to form many of our designs.

And many more wood options(we will keep you updated)

We use food safe finishes to make sure all of our products are safe to be use on your dining table for eating and at the kitchen for cooking activity.

We use only use US FDA standard of finishes material so you can feel easy and enjoy your dining and cooking activity.

And last but not least, we will continue to take part of of the preservation of Indonesia forest by using only waste wood for our products.

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Happy Cooking and dining everybody.


cutting board


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